Clean Seal Clean Grip G-7024PW

Clean Seal Clean Grip G-7024PW Camper Trailer RV
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  • Item #: G-7024PW
  • Manufacturer: Clean Seal
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: G-7024PW
  • Condition: New

Clean Seal Clean Grip G-7024PW Camper Trailer RV

Polar White

Sold by the foot, 10ft Minimum

Clean Grip is an economical way to secure decorative trims and/or functional seals and gaskets. It’s one of the easiest and fastest trims to install. There’s no need for rivet holes to be drilled. No screws are required. Clean Grip simply clamps on.

The heart of the Clean Grip System is the continuous flexible coated steel core. The core grips the flange providing a professional, simple and low cost assembly method to attach seals and gaskets or decorative trims. To install, start the Clean Grip over the flange and push it on. It’s just that simple.

It takes less time and provides a professional look unmatched by many other trims. Clean Grip is available in a variety of designs to fit almost every need.


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